The boundaries within Windshield are characterized by small residential town that are 32.66sq miles and which are surrounded by Newburg, Cedarburg, Grafton and Port Washington. The town is located in Marinette County and is situated along shores of Michigan. Some of the nearest cities are Peshtigo and Menominee. The town has many acres of land which can be used for farming. The climate of the town is normally cold and dry but normally changes with the seasons (Mellencamp, 2011). Most of the land is covered with ice hence making farming almost impossible.

Majority of the people that live in this town are middle income earners of whom 68.4% of them own their own homes while 31.6% of them are living in rental apartments. The average income of a normal median household is $31,743. There are also houses for the low income earners. Apart from having many nice homes, there are also some old and abandoned houses which poses a great health risk for the community. The economic performance of the town is worse since the rate of job growth is -4.17% and many front stores remain closed. This is despite the existence of many stores (Wal-Mart) and factories (Coca-Cola). Houses are detached and are in the form of single family dwelling.

Various health care centers/services are available for the community and which are spread throughout the entire town. For example there is Duda chiropractic. Private health institution are also available like Dr Steven L. Nottleson. Those requiring surgery can get it from bay oval & maxillofacial surgery ltd. Among other health services that are available include, pregnancy test, counselling and health and human services (Mellencamp, 2011). Those with domesticated animals are well taken care of with the establishment of a veterinary clinic.

Private and public schools are available for the community to select. The average amount that is spent per student in the public school is $4902. Universities like Wisconsin is available for those who have qualified to join the institution of higher learning.
Self-help group and support services are available like for those who have undergone domestic abuse, are provided with a shelter at rainbow house. Parents who are working and have young children, are provided with a day care center that will look after their kids.

Courier delivery services is available and which is provided by FedEx. The town has several established churches (Protestants-24, Catholic-1 and synagogues-1) that are well built and spread throughout the town (Mellencamp, 2011). The town has several banks which are spread throughout the town. The town has many stores like Wal-Mart, Younkers and Claire’s among other stores and which are alternative source of employment for the local community plus generation of revenue to the local government. Areas where people can go and eat are easily available like subway.

There exist various transportation options for the local community like trains and the normal tarmac roads. However, the transportation options do not offer public bus routes hence making it hard for the local community who do not own cars to access town. Most of the roads are in good conditions while in some other parts of the town, the roads are not in good condition.

The safety of the local community is guaranteed through the establishment of Marinette law enforcement center which ensures that law and order is maintained in the streets (christof, 2008, 98). In the event of any fire incidents, there is a fire department that is ready to respond to any fire incidents. However, their health safety is not well taken care of due the existence of the use of lead paints in houses which poses a great health risk to the community. There isn’t a well-established disposal mechanism of garbage and which leads to the spread of bacteria and attracts rodents and which in the long run endangers the health safety of the local community. The fact that there aren’t enough sidewalks for the pedestrians, poses safety concerns for the people in this town.

There are several assisted living and care centers for the elderly citizens and which are beautifully constructed. The town has several recreation facilities for children and family and where they can come, relax and have a good time like fishing, playground for children. There is also a wildlife area people can come and watch the wild animals (Louter, 2009, 67). Outdoor activities like a river bridge walk is also available and which promotes healthy living. Movie theaters and football grounds are also available especially for the teenagers. Gym is also readily available for those who wish to keep fit. The entire re-creation facilities caters to all ages of people.

Some of the welfare services that are offered to other cities include policing services and fire brigade support services. Social security and postal services are available to be used by people from the nearby cities. Large hospitals, dental and physician offices too are readily available.